At European Economic Chamber EEIGCham we focus on large Public and Private Projects.

In full support with UN SDGs and EU 2030 Agenda.

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We  assist in structuring our partner's projects working through every stage, from the concept drafts and development, all the way to management and maintenance.

A direct result of our extensive experience combined with our international partners we are usually able to swiftly gather a multi-skilled team in reply to every challenge. Solutions are always the objective. 

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Airports, Highways, Sea Ports, Railway, Urban Mobility, Energy Infrastructure, Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Utilities, Telecommunications, Agribusiness, Education, Healthcare, local business development and social development programmes, among others.

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Project Finance

A key element to every initiative, we advise on project finance solutions resorting to private partners, always looking for the best possible offer considering the viability and sustainability of each situation.

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