Our Values and Commitments

These values and commitments are extremely important to us as they are the pillars on how we implement our strategy. 

No upfront fees

We get paid by results.

If any expenses derive from activities such as travel expenses, we will ask project owners or partners to take care of them directly with service providers. This enables us to keep our position as a neutral party.


The mixed experience from our permanent members combined with our international partners provides a unique skillset that adds value to any project we participate.


Every information shared is absolutely confidential.

Even on exchanges as simple as a consultation or intention of developing a project or initiative. 


We will never share nor advertise our involvement.

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit” (Harry Truman)


Reality is complex enough for our methods not to be simple and transparent.

In that way we can ensure the best practices in accordance to international standards.

Simplicity and safety

Our flat internal structure enables better communication and faster response times.

Also, our partners are private entities that operate at a global level. This enables us to establish a group of simple procedures, easy to access and safe.

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